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Mission Trip Registration

KAA Branson Spring Break 2020

Bring your family for a week of service, worship, and fun in the beautiful woods near Branson, Missouri.
3/7/2020 - 3/11/2020

Additional Information

Kids Across America Trip Application
*We will be taking 2 groups to Branson, MO. Please choose your preferred date:
*List the names of all family members traveling on this trip (include ages of children):
*Has your family attended the KAA Spring Break Family Service Trip before?
If so, when?
*Why would you like to attend the KAA Spring Break Family Service Trip?
*Do you or your family members have any health restrictions that would limit your work capabilities?
If yes, please indicate:
*Do you have health insurance to cover you during this trip?
Please list any skills you have including, but not limited to, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, changing oil in vehicles, etc.
*Do you have tools you can bring to help with any of the skills above?
If yes, what are the tools?
*What is your relationship to Stonebriar Community Church?
*Are you involved in any Stonebriar groups, fellowships, or ministry areas?
If yes, please list them here:
Please provide two personal references who can speak to your spiritual health and growth:
*Personal Reference (1):
*Personal Reference (2):
In case of an emergency, please provide contact information for someone who will not be traveling with the family:
*Emergency Contact Name:
*Emergency Contact Relationship:
*Emergency Contact Phone:

Additional release forms are required for this service trip. Please see below: 

If you are married, both adults will need to fill out a form. Click to view KAA Service Trip Form (Adults). In addition, all adult team members are required to fill out a background check.  If you have not previously filled one out or have not done so in the past two years, please click Background Check Release Authorization Form to do so now.

If you have children, a parent will need to fill out a release form for each child. Click to view KAA Service Trip Form (Child).

(Forms will open in new windows. Be sure to return to this window and submit your application.)