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YES! Youth Engaged in Serving Application

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*Zip/Postal Code

Personal Information

*Date of Birth:
*Cell Phone:
*Do you check email?:
*Parent's Email Address:

Tell us about yourself

*What do you like to do?
*What activities do you enjoy?
*Do any of these activities require your attendance on Sunday mornings?
*What are your strengths?
*What are your weaknesses?

Serving Experience

*Have you ever served with children, in or outside the church?
If yes, please describe your experience:
*Why do you want to help in Children's Ministries?

What is your relationship with God?

*Do you attend your grade-level programs on Sunday mornings?
*If no, do you attend worship with your parents?
*Do you attend your grade-level programs during the week?
If yes, which one?
*Are you a Christian?
*How do you know?
*What are you doing to grow in your relationship with the Lord?
*If a child in the class you served in asked you how they could go to Heaven, what would you say?


Please give one reference in each of the categories listed below.  Please notify your youth pastor that you are applying to the program.  Please ask the adult reference to write a letter of recommendation and have them send it to Heather Tinkle at
*Name of Your Youth Pastor or Sunday School Teacher:
*Years known:
*Youth Pastor's or Teacher's Phone:
*Youth Pastor's or Teacher's Email:
*Name of an Adult who knows you well:
*Years you have known this Adult:
*Adult's Phone Number:
*Adult's Email:


*Have you ever been convicted and/or accused of child abuse or a crime involving actual or attempted molestation of a minor?
If yes, please explain:
*Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense, not including traffic violations?
*If you have, please explain:
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