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YES! Youth Engaged in Serving Application

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Personal Information

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Tell Us About Yourself

*What do you like to do?:
*What activities do you enjoy?:
*Do any of these activities require your attendance on Sunday mornings?:
*What are your strengths?:
*What are your weaknesses?:

Serving Experience

*Have you ever served with children, in or outside the church?:
If yes, please describe your experience:
*Why do you want to help in Children's Ministries?:

What is your relationship with God?

*Do you attend your grade-level programs on Sunday mornings?:
*If no, do you attend worship with your parents?:
*Do you attend your grade-level programs during the week?:
If yes, which one?:
*Are you a Christian?:
*How do you know?:
*What are you doing to grow in your relationship with the Lord?:
*If a child in the class you served in asked you how they could go to Heaven, what would you say?:


Please give one reference in each of the categories listed below.  Please notify your youth pastor that you are applying to the program.  Please ask the adult reference to write a letter of recommendation and have them send it to either Heather Tinkle at or to Jennifer Withers at
*Name of Your Youth Pastor or Sunday School Teacher:
*Years known:
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*Name of an Adult who knows you well:
*Years you have known this Adult:
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*Adult's Email:


*Have you ever been convicted and/or accused of child abuse or a crime involving actual or attempted molestation of a minor?
If yes, please explain:
*Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense, not including traffic violations?:
*If you have, please explain:
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