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Fashioned Workshops 2019

 Morning Breakout Sessions

Mirror Mirror by Kathleen Meyer

How are we to understand beauty, enjoy beauty, and be beautiful in the way that God intends, without letting beauty become the ultimate thing? God has given us all things rightly to how can we enjoy beauty without worshiping it and without making it the measure of our worth? Is it wrong to want to look nice and be attractive? Is it okay to want to be as beautiful as we can be? What is true beauty?  Come and explore these questions, because the way you answer them impacts the way you relate to God, what you think of yourself, and how you impact others!

Fashioned for Glory by Laurna Berg

In the future, God will return for His bride to take us to our incredible heavenly mansion to reign and rule with Him throughout eternity. We will replace worldly speculation about Heaven with biblical truth as we wait expectantly, walk wisely, and work faithfully in life today.

Enneagram Stances by Dana Vaden

Whether you are brand new to the Enneagram or have done some work with your number, understanding your stance can be a helpful tool. By providing a framework that helps describe how we interpret information and present ourselves to the world, stances can improve communication, teamwork, conflict management, and relationships with others and with God. In this workshop, you will learn: 1. The three stances (Dependent, Withdrawing, and Aggressive), 2. To begin to identify your own stance, 3. To reflect on the advantages and challenges of your stance, particularly as they apply to your spiritual life and most important relationships.

Loving God Through Life's Disappointments by Vanessa van Dyck

God promises in His Word that those who seek Him will lack no good thing. However, that can be very confusing to the Christian who is disappointed with life. Come join us as we navigate how to keep loving God despite our circumstances and find the joy in Him that we’ve been craving.

Friendship: Not for the Faint of Heart by Cheryl Trudel

Friends: We all want them and need them, but do we really know what friendship means? What is a friend? What does it take to have one, and more importantly be one? Come experience teaching through examples, stories, scenarios, and a few heart-probing questions with the prime example being the Lord Himself.

Blessed Assurance by Sue Kirby

Unsure about your salvation? Unsure about your future in this turbulent world? Unsure about God’s presence in your life? Unsure about truth? Join us in discovering the answers to these questions through Scripture. 

Pilates: Strong Foundation by Nidelvia Fleetwood

In this beginner’s level Pilates workout, you will learn how your body’s core (upper and lower abdomen, lower back, and pelvis) are the foundation to a stronger body. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, towel, and water.

Encontrando Victoria en la Verdad Después del Abuso - Claudia Rodríguez

Muchas de nosotras hemos sido afectadas por el abuso de alguna manera y es posible que no reconozcamos cuánto nos ha afectado. Otras tenemos seres queridos o conocidos que están siendo afectados por el abuso en este momento y no sabemos cómo ayudarles. Si no se identifica con ninguna de las dos situaciones, es muy probable que en algún momento de su vida necesite usted misma encontrar la victoria sobre el abuso. O tal vez le toque caminar al lado de alguien que busca la victoria sobre el abuso.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Confident in Conflict by Kara Shade

The potential for conflict is always there: at home, in the bleachers at t-ball, in the grocery store parking lot, in the boardroom, or even at a PTA meeting. Potential conflicts can be intimidating, causing many of us to avoid the situations that promise to grow and connect us more deeply. This session will provide research-based tips and tools for engaging in everyday relational conflicts more confidently and effectively.

Reframing Life by Colleen Swindoll-Thompson

Reframing is a transforming, life-giving process, offering us a way to walk through difficult seasons and unexpected events that are God-given opportunities appearing as huge problems.  The process helps people shift their mindset, replacing inaccurate beliefs with God’s infinite truths. It involves self-examination, seeking safe people for support, realigning our values, and pursuing new passions that surface as God changes us. The very things that cause us to question or doubt God’s goodness actually contain hidden we would have never discovered in ourselves had our challenges or pain been removed.  No matter what circumstance or problem we’re facing, those who learn how to reframe them discover new directions and opportunities that lead to incredible fulfillment and confidence in Christ as our Lord.

Blessed Are the Misfits by Gail Nunn

If you often feel like a misfit in church or want to reach out to a misfit, join us for reassurance of God’s plan for blessing the misfits and how to fit in at the table.

Fashioned for Service by Laurna Berg

In the present, God has given each believer a Spiritual Gift—a supernatural ability given by God’s grace to each believer to employ in building up the body of Christ to the glory of God. We will explore the distribution, discovery, development, and description of Spiritual Gifts, which are a key to experiencing God’s blessing and fruitfulness in life today.

Teaching the Bible to Others by Vanessa van Dyck

Teaching and learning God’s Word in community is a vital part of the Christian life. If you are a teacher, a parent, a mentor, or have the desire to teach others the Bible, join us as we learn some simple and effective ways to dig into Scripture with others.

WHO Are You Wearing? By Karen Hawkins

The top question asked on the red carpet at fancy events can be the very question asked to you. Join us on a walk down the red carpet of life to explore how you can live your day-to-day life in such a way that stands out and has people wanting to know your Designer!

Age Without Limits by Jenifer Mason, DrPH

Experts agree, what we call “normal” aging is not normal. This eclectic presentation will showcase awe-inspiring role models and give practical insights on how to Age Without Limits and avoid burnout, boredom, and the blues! Are you ready to be challenged by the question, “How will you spend the last third of your life?”

Photography by Cyndie Ward

Technology, computers, and cameras, and what you can do with them! Please bring your camera to this workshop if you have one.

Discerning that Still Small Voice by Megan Simons

To keep up with the pace of this world, we have to process information quickly—scrolling, swiping, clicking, and digesting the written word at a rapid pace. Does this leave you hungry for a deep encounter with the living God in His living Word? In this session, we will find practical encouragement for cultivating a quiet spirit and hearing the Word of God through Scripture and prayer.

Lidiando con Depresión y Ansiedad by Mara Estrada

Los trastornos de la ansiedad son la enfermedad mental más común en los Estados Unidos. Afecta a 40 millones de adultos mayores de 18 años. La ansiedad y la depresión son dos trastornos emocionales complejos, que implican también problemas en pensamientos y conductas. Aunque son distintos, presentan ciertas similitudes que pueden ocasionar confusión al intentar distinguirlos. La ansiedad y la depresión continúan afectando sin discriminar culturas, edades y creencias. Acompáñenos a un taller que le ayudará a conocer más del tema y a explorar soluciones.