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What's for Dinner - 40 day Family Dinner Challenge


What's for Dinner?: 40-Day Family Dinner Challenge

The frantic pace of American life is eroding family closeness—that’s the bad news. But here's the good news: Amidst the pressures we all face every day, family dinners can become a small spot of calm and peace. Most parents know good things come from sitting down with their kids at the end of the day, but family dinners are so difficult to pull off nowadays with schedule conflicts and picky eaters.

That's where the What's for Dinner? challenge comes in. The challenge is to eat 20 meals together in 40 days, encouraging families to gather around the dinner table to eat, laugh, talk, play, connect, and ultimately discover the beauty of an unhurried life. Take the challenge and earn points by using our family tool kit, inspiring your family to reach for the Grand Prize! Our hope is that in these 40 days, your family dinner hour will morph from a chore into something your family looks forward to every day.

Family Ministry Activities
Thursday, October 10, 2019 - Saturday, November 9, 2019
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Stonebriar Community Church
4801 Legendary Drive
Frisco, TX 75034-8589
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Challenge Dates: October 1–November 9

Steps to Complete the Challenge

  1. Register today by clicking Sign Up! below.
  2. Download or pick up a hard copy (around campus) of the family tool kit, which contains helpful tips and activities along with the points each activity is worth.
  3. Track your points using the family tool kit, and remember to have fun!
  4. Submit your final score using the Family Score Link our team will send you.


  • At the end of the challenge, the family with the highest score will win the Grand Prize: an at-home family dinner kit including a $150 Dream Dinner Gift Card!
  • Three participating families will also be randomly selected to win a $75 gift card for dinner delivery!
  • Prizes will be awarded at our Family Experience event on Wednesday, November 20.


Contact, or post questions to our Facebook group.

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